Agriculture and farming

The technical equipment in agriculture is usually subject to very tough conditions. Therefore, the quality of the equipment used is a crucial factor. As a Swiss manufacturer we guarantee our products for their robustness, reliability, durability and the same high quality. For outdoor use GIS electric chain hoists in the higher protection class IP65 can be supplied.

Automobile Industry / Trucks

For process optimisation the automotive and commercial vehicle industries are dependent on smoothly functioning lifting devices. GIS electric chain hoists are used in areas where a business interruption cannot be afforded because it causes very high downtime costs generally. Our product portfolio offers a variety of solutions to increase efficiency and improve ergonomics. 

Building sector

In the provision of materials, in the material transport and on the construction site GIS electric chain hoists and cranes are important helpers for all lifting technical applications. The fully aluminium housing of the chain hoist is extremely robust and holds up to the not always careful handling on the construction site.

Chemistry and Pharmacy

World-renowned companies such as Nestle, Novartis and Syngenta trust in the equipment of their production facilities on the decades of experience of GIS. Individual and tailored to the production processes in detail the crane systems help to increase productivity and ensure operational safety in the manufacturing process.


In sawmills, carpentries or furniture factories GIS cranes are often equipped with a vacuum lifter; very popular and widely deployed. They are ideal for transporting bulky and heavy loads. From the provision of the tree trunk through charging the mechanical processing to storage and retrieval, we offer complete handling solutions.

Plastics technology

The demands placed on our products in this segment are very extensive. Whether an overhead crane, a small crane system, or a crane with chain hoist and suspension, we can usually offer an economic solution from our product portfolio. For load carrying the load hook of the chain hoist, the vacuum device used for sucking in the load or for custom load handling devices.

Machinery and plant engineering

From our own experience we know the needs of the machine industry. With many of our customers GIS products are in intensive use on a daily basis. Be it as electric chain hoist which is installed in a machine or a crane system for load transport. World-renowned companies like Victorinox trust our products and services. Edwin Schuler, head of maintenance at Victorinox says: "GIS electric chain hoists and cranes have been used in our production plant for years, because we rely on Swiss quality and we appreciate proximity to the manufacturer with the appropriate expertise."

Metal and steel processing

GIS travelling cranes, light crane systems or slewing jib cranes with electric chain hoist and trolley are used in this industry primarily for internal transport of goods. For particularly difficult local or spatial conditions we also design special constructions as telescopic cranes, cranes in low profile design for optimum utilisation of the room height or free-standing crane systems with unshielded or insufficiently resilient building structure.

Food industries

Whether a crane system with big-bag cross or spreader beam for transporting feed sacks or galvanised and radio-controlled systems for the immersion of cheese wheels in a salt bath: the locations and applications for GIS crane systems and vacuum system solutions in the food industry are manifold. The requirements range from corrosion resistant components, via acid-resistant paint to the use of special food grade grease for the gearbox and the load chain of the electric chain hoist.

Public transport

GIS electric chain hoists and cranes are used by countless suppliers and manufacturers of public transport such as rail, metro, tram, bus, post bus, boat, plane, funicular and cable car. On the one hand they are used for machine loading in producing components for public transport and on the other hand GIS cranes are also useful helpers in the maintenance and servicing of public transport.

Transport and logistic

GIS crane systems and vacuum handling systems offer excellent support when assembling and palletising packaged finished products before delivery to the shipping department. With our lifting aids the handling of goods is carried out efficiently and ergonomically. Also in external logistics, such as in the aerial cable way Titlis, GIS electric chain hoists are used for the transport of goods or transport of the snow groomer from the valley station Engelberg.

Entertainment industry

In theatres, schools, sports centres, multi-purpose halls, arenas, convention centres, TV studios or concert tours GIS electric chain hoists are in use worldwide. They are quiet in operation, light and compact, which is why they are ideally suited for the special requirements of the entertainment industry. Whether as a permanent installation in opera houses such as Zurich, Helsinki and Sydney, in O2 arenas like Berlin or Prague or as a climbing hoist in mobile events: our customers appreciate the reliability and operational safety of GIS electric chain hoists and the corresponding durability.

Wind and waterpower

Mainly used for maintenance work on the generators our travelling cranes, bridge cranes and electric chain hoists used in hydroelectric power plants. Up to 150 m in height above ground the GIS electric chain hoists come up in the nacelle (gondola) for repair and maintenance work in wind turbines. The fitter appreciates especially that the fast rising speed of the electric chain hoist automatically reduces before reaching the gondola. He does not need to monitor continuously for up to 15 minutes the lifting operation and can concentrate in the meantime on other work.