Electric trolley EMFE FU

EMFE FU 50 - 500, up to 5000 kg

Electric trolley for steel beams with frequency converter
Basic specification like EMFE 50 - 500
With soft start for highest demands
Swinging free movement and precise positioning of the load
2 travelling speeds infinitely variable
Optionally with remote control

Technical specifications

Standard version
Load capacity: maximum 5000 kg
575V/3Ph 60 Hz, 460V/1Ph 60 Hz, 230V/3Ph 60 Hz
Control voltage 42 V low voltage
2 travelling speeds infinitely variable
Protection class IP55
Isolation class F (motor)
Flange width: 50 - 320 mm
Galvanized spindle

Performance data EMFE50 - 500

Customer's benefit


The frequeny converter of the electric trolley allows you to adjust the 2 travelling speeds as well as the acceleration according to requirements.
It guarantees you ideal conditions for a swinging free movement and precise positioning of the load.

Accessories & options

Other operating voltages on request
Other control voltages on request
Travelling brake (DC spring brake)
Protection class IP65
Temperature monitoring to protect the motor against overheating
Trolley with stainless steel painting
Load wheels made of plastic or steel (also stainless steel available)
Spindles for special flange widths
Load temperature grease for load wheels
Gear grease food proofed or for low temperature
Tropics insulation
Remote control
Travel limit switch