Push trolley EHF

EHF50 - 500, up to 5000 kg

Push trolley for steel beams
Side plates made of sturdy cast iron and fitted with fall protection
Load wheels made of cast iron mounted on ball bearings
Adustable for flange widths 50 - 320 mm

Technical specifications

Standard version
Load capacity: maximum 5000 kg
Flange width: 50 - 320 mm
Galvanized spindle

Peformance data EHF50 - 500

Customer's benefit


The push trolley of the type EHF can be used in combination with an electric chain hoist for the manual movement of any load but is also suitable for the end carriage of your travelling crane.

Accessories & options

Side plates with stainless steel KTL coated
Load wheels made of plastic or steel (also stainless steel available)
Spindles for special flange widths
Load temperature grease for bearings to the load wheels