Tips & tricks

Electric chain hoists

Chain qualities

Use a case-hardened chain, not only a tempered chain. In comparison with a tempered chain, a case-hardened chain has a significantly longer service life.

Lubrication of the chain

Regular lubrication of the chain can extend the service life by the factor 20 - 50. It is important to lubricate the chain also between the chain links. A commercially available lubrication can be used here.

Spare-parts procurement

We have a wide range of spare parts for electric chain hoists – generations EM and GCH in stock. Through our global network of sales partners you get professional advice and the necessary spare parts promptly. These are to be removed and installed by qualified skilled personnel.

Diagonal pull of the chain hoist

The diagonal pull of loads (> 4°) should be avoided, since the chain and the chain guide are excessively worn out in this way, which can affect the safety of the system.

Wrong running direction of the chain hoist

The electric chain hoist is electrically incorrectly connected and needs to be properly connected by authorised staff.

Outdoor operation

As a standard, our electric chain hoists GPM are suitable for outdoor operation due to protection class IP65. The GCH series can be optionally upgraded to IP 65. In addition, it is recommended to install a protective cover above the electric chain hoist to protect it against weather influences.

Control cable

Never pull the control cable to move the electric chain hoist, even when a strain-relief cable is installed. The control cable could be damaged or pulled out. Dislocation of the chain hoist must be carried out with a load hook.


Plastic rollers

Should the standard steel rollers be too loud or should they transmit noise into the building, we recommend plastic rollers (up to maximum 1 250 kg). For more soundproofing solutions please contact our sales team.

Stainless rollers

In case of aggressive acids or alkalis in your working environment, we recommend a corrosion-resistant electric chain hoist and a trolley with corrosion-resistant rollers.

Systems & Components

Chain hoist and / or trolley not running

Check whether the emergency-stop button on the control switch, crane switch or the radio control is engaged. Releasing the button by turning it clockwise.